My Last Week as a Graduate Assistant

It’s almost 11 pm on a Sunday night. I should have been in bed, asleep, half an hour ago. But here I am, typing away at my computer, trying to sort through my mountain of emotion. At least I’m under the covers. Tomorrow starts my last week as a graduate assistant at CREP. CREP has... Continue Reading →

The Wacky World of Financial Aid

I've spent the last six years navigating the sometimes confusing world of financial aid. What has gotten me through it? I push, ask, pester, and research until I figure something out because despite my moments of sheer panic, ultimately, failure is not an option for me.I'm stubborn that way.This last round with financial aid, though,... Continue Reading →

Go Tigers Go!

As we were loading up on the bus to head off to the Liberty Bowl this evening, we heard comments such as, "I haven't been to a Tigers football game in X amount of years". Tigers football has historically been a sport that's been largely ignored by Memphis folks. With the exception of the Tennessee... Continue Reading →

First Day of Fall Semester

My whole summer has been about these past few days - moving back to campus and starting another semester of grad school. The move was rough. Summer decided to rear its ugly head last week after being a no-show for much of the season. We drank endless amounts of water and suddenly the ALS Ice... Continue Reading →

Where is My Fall Break?

I'm sitting at my desk at my graduate assistantship when in an alternate universe (a universe with a true fall break), I am leisurely sipping my coffee while still in my Star Wars pajama pants. I grew up without a fall break. Back in the stone ages when I was in school, we had spring... Continue Reading →

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