Where is My Fall Break?

I’m sitting at my desk at my graduate assistantship when in an alternate universe (a universe with a true fall break), I am leisurely sipping my coffee while still in my Star Wars pajama pants. I grew up without a fall break. Back in the stone ages when I was in school, we had spring break, Thanksgiving break, and Christmas break. We were off for Labor Day and the occasional teacher in-service day (which back in those days was very rare). When I came back to college, I was introduced to this wonderful new thing – fall break. A few days in the middle of the fall semester where I could sleep in, relax, and work on my projects at my own pace instead of like a panicked maniac. Enter grad school. I’m working today and shadowing my school psychologist tomorrow. My fall break will consist of Tuesday afternoon because I won’t have class. I’m getting the feeling I was robbed somewhere.

That’s okay, though. It’s still a beautiful Monday morning. I love seeing the University of Memphis waking up, people walking by, workers getting their day started, and I have an awesome window to look out of. And I have my coffee. Good morning!

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