The Many Shades of Student Loans

Many moons ago, I bought a house with my now ex-husband. By the end of that first year, our mortgage had hopped from one bank to another to another, like a hot potato. That was the world of financing – juggling money to make more money. Fast forward to today. I currently don’t have a... Continue Reading →

Empowering Myself

During the spring before I went back to college in 2009, I was working at a place where I wasn’t very happy. I had gotten out of a bad relationship, I had moved back in with my parents, I had been laid off (on good terms for those employers who have found my blog) from... Continue Reading →

The Wacky World of Financial Aid

I've spent the last six years navigating the sometimes confusing world of financial aid. What has gotten me through it? I push, ask, pester, and research until I figure something out because despite my moments of sheer panic, ultimately, failure is not an option for me.I'm stubborn that way.This last round with financial aid, though,... Continue Reading →

College Textbooks

My college textbooks cost an arm and a leg this semester. I negotiated keeping my firstborn so kiddo's safe. I understand folks need to make money, but c'mon people - $591 for six books, one of which is thinner than a Southern Living magazine! *grumble* They ARE books I will use in the future for... Continue Reading →

First Day of Class

It's that time again! Classes technically start today. I'm taking an online class this semester so that one starts today. My other classes don't start until next Tuesday so this weekend will be my school supply shopping weekend. New spiral notebooks, cool pens, and different colored highlighters (I don't care what research says - I... Continue Reading →

College Grad!

I've been so busy catching up with friends and family, crocheting, reading, gaming, and basically doing all the stuff that I haven't been able to do much during my four-year college stint that I forgot to post an important milestone: graduation! Finally! After a divorce 5-1/2 years ago and a layoff 4-1/2 years ago, at... Continue Reading →

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