First Day of Fall Semester

My whole summer has been about these past few days – moving back to campus and starting another semester of grad school. The move was rough. Summer decided to rear its ugly head last week after being a no-show for much of the season. We drank endless amounts of water and suddenly the ALS Ice Water Challenge was starting to look appealing. Very appealing. We managed to get everything moved in and set up for the most part. I still have a few boxes and I’m trying to figure out how to organize a few things, but the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are functional. The rest will be done eventually. I don’t like not having things put away, but between my grad assistantship and classes, it’ll just have to get done when it gets done.

So I’m back in town after spending the past year in the country. The country is quiet and peaceful and I enjoyed my time out there, but it’s a bit far. And I enjoy being in the city. I like the activity and I like things being close. As I’m sitting here typing this, I can hear students outside laughing over something. I can see car headlights pass by my window. I’ve already caught up with old neighbors and classmates. Best of all, I’m in my own place, with my own bed and my own kitchen. 
Today was the first day of class. This semester’s a bit different for me as all of my classes are online. I’ve taken a couple of online classes, but I’ve never had a full load of classes online during any given semester. It feels a bit weird not having to be in an actual classroom for three hours. I log on to my account and download my syllabus for each class and do the work. Simple enough. Two more semesters and I’ll be home-free!

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