Trump Will Not Be Silent

I’m de-stressing from the last week of election craziness by watching the Tennessee Titans play, but I’m also reading an article from The Atlantic. It’s called “What to Expect Next from Donald Trump” by Peter Nicholas. Nicholas writes that past Presidents ease into the background like the receding mist of a new day. Trump will unsurprisingly be the exception. His corrupt business dealings alone will keep this attention monger in the spotlight. Nicholas also writes that Trump will “[cultivate] a new generation of Republicans much in the same way talk radio’s Rush Limbaugh gave voice to waves of conservative voters”. Remember that.

Nicholas called Trump’s initial campaign a “branding exercise”, revealing a disturbing side effect of electing a businessman with Trump’s personality to a political office. They will typically think as a businessman, make policy decisions as a businessman, going for the almighty dollar and eschewing the one age-old trait that crosses the boundary of business and politics. The art of persuasion.

Nicholas also references those who speculate we probably haven’t seen the end of Trump’s political run. Even at his advanced age, he could still possibly try again in four years. No caps exist for a President’s age. You can run for office at any age 35 and above.

Trump is getting evicted from the White House, but he will never be silent. He not only disgraced the dignity of the Oval Office, he exposed and stoked the old embers of a huge flaw in American society – racism. He blew those burning embers of racism into a roaring fire that has damaged our democratic society. While some may thank Trump for revealing what they see as America’s true colors, the bottom line is Trump had no interest in exposing our flaws in order to fix them. Trump did what he did best. He trolled America in order to stroke his own ego. Trump has unapologetically left behind a mountain of heartbreaking carnage for our next President to try and clean up. Biden has his work cut out for him.

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