Brace Yourself: My First New Year’s Resolution

Brace Yourselves New Years Resolutions are Coming

I love quotes I find online. I can read one that seems to speak to me at a particular time and be inspired to write about it. I do the same with memes or other silly graphics. I see them and I have this whole essay written out in my head. The crazy thing is that I rarely do write about them. I think all the things in my head, but I don’t get them down on paper. Instead, I share the quotes and memes on Facebook and Instagram. “Here, look at this quote/picture!” I’m silently saying. “It speaks to me! This is my life! Can you relate? Isn’t it a cool/funny quote/picture?” Then, it stops there. The next time I see the quote or graphic is in my Facebook memories and the things that were floating in my head at the time are now distant memories. The moment is long gone.

It’s a little early for New Year’s resolutions, but I have my first one. Use the inspirational and funny quotes I run across as writing prompts whether they’re serious or funny. My muse is getting a new groove.

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