If You Ever Fall in Love…

I’m a total romantic so I believe in all the things that make love magical. The graphic below was on my Facebook newsfeed and it’s so perfect. It lists all the things recommended for if/when you fall in love with someone. Every single one has me saying, YES! These things will come naturally when you truly fall in love and don’t believe what everyone says about you having one true soul mate. You can have more than one at any point in your life. I miss Bryan terribly. I ugly cry sometimes at night. I sit at red lights, trying to hold myself together enough to drive to my destination. In the midst of all the sorrow, I know I will fall in love again. Because that’s what Bryan would have wanted and it’s what I would have wanted for Bryan. My heart has fond memories of how love treated me and the echoes of Bryan will always be bubbling around in there. Love is a cup that truly runs over. It never runs out and there’s always enough for everyone in your life. True love is out there waiting again just beyond that cracked door in your heart…

Fall in Love

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