First Semester Under My Belt

Finally! After a semester of blood, sweat, tears, and a seemingly never-ending pile of reading material, I’ve finished my first semester of grad school with two As and a B+. I never was this insanely busy during any of the semesters of my undergrad years. Going to grad school is definitely trial by fire. BUT, I’ve been told the first semester of this particular program is the worst. If I made it through that, then the rest won’t be as hard. I’ve got three more semesters and a year of internship before I’m let loose. I’m ready.

I’m enjoying Christmas break in all its non-schoolwork glory. Kiddo and I have watched a movie, yakked, gone out to eat with his group (we filled up about the entire party room at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight), celebrated his 16th birthday, and picked up his new/old truck. I’ve gotten some Christmas shopping done and we’re gearing up for Christmas which looks to be the best one yet.

Tonight, I’m buried under my covers with my crochet. I’m making a special Christmas gift. I don’t know who all will be getting crochet gifts this year since the semester effectively knocked me on my rear and sucked every bit of spare time I had away from me, but I’ll do my darnedest to get a few out at least. I was able to finish another baby blanket for a friend, I did a couple more basic crochet baby hats, and the project I’m doing now won’t have pictures posted until the recipient gets it.

Happiness is fun yarn, a crochet hook, and a warm home.

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