Basic Crochet Baby Hat

It’s hard to improve on a good thing and you just can’t beat a basic baby hat as a quick crochet project. I found this pattern on the Internet a long time ago and it has been one of my most-used patterns. It’s double crochet the whole way except for the single crochet border at the end, but it’s the perfect project for a quick baby shower gift or for a crochet newbie. Here’s the pattern: 

I just finished two more hats last night. This is the perfect project to do while I’m watching a football game. I crochet in-between plays and during commercials and at the end of the game I have a finished baby hat and I’m reveling (hopefully!) in my favorite team winning the game. 

Today, I’m working on stuff for class this week and getting ready to administer the WJ-III ACH for class, but I’m sneaking in crochet time on a baby blanket for a co-worker. The Denver Broncos are playing tonight so I plan to multi-task like nobody’s business. Go Broncos!

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