Wrapping Up The Week

No matter how hold I get, I will never tire of buying school supplies. Of course, by the time high school rolls around, there really isn’t much to buy, but kiddo did bring home a list of a few things his teachers expected them to have and I jumped on it. 

Yup. School has started back up in Memphis and this year is a little different. We’re all under the Unified School District. No more Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools. We’re under the same umbrella. The jury is still out on how this is going to work and there are still a few kinks. One being the transportation issue. I don’t know about other schools, but with my son’s school there are some new folks coming in which means new bus routes need to be mapped out which takes time. I’m hoping they get it ironed out by the end of next week, but it really isn’t a big deal dropping him and his friend off at school. They have the student drop-off line pretty well organized even with the loads of folks coming in and out. This time next year all the what we used to call the Shelby County Schools will probably have their own districts which will throw the bus schedules in turmoil again so my personal view is to not get too bent out of shape over this year’s. There will be plenty more bus schedule woes to fret about next year.

This was my first full week at my GA position as well and I’m going to love it. I’m working with a good group of folks. The atmosphere is laid back, but professional. And the dress is business casual which is kind of fun after spending four years of my undergraduate stint dressed in t-shirts and yoga pants. I’m starting to learn a lot so the next three years will be interesting.

The end of summer is looming! Soon it will be time for sweaters, cook-outs next to the fire, and football. We’ve really enjoyed our summer this year. After the move, it was relaxing getting re-used to country life again – riding four-wheelers, hanging clothes out on the line, regularly seeing deer and turkeys in our yard and hearing the owls hoot at night. I think I’m a city girl now. I enjoy having things close and I like being able to enjoy the Memphis downtown life. But for now, I’ll enjoy the country. Kiddo loves it and I foresee him wanting to live someplace like this when he gets out on his own. My country boy.

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up The Week

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  1. Are you like me in the school supplies section, just completely out of control? I have to have every pen, pencil, marker, and in every color!

    I miss the country life out there by your folks. I remember fondly the sound of the creatures and just the easiness of life!


  2. That little stinker already had pens and pencils so I was reduced to finding cool-looking composition books. lol

    It's definitely a slower pace out here which is good for what we're needing it for at this point. Three years and he and I both will be done with school and on to the next life chapter! 😀


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