A Little Bit of Updating

Back when I first got divorced, an old friend picked up a slightly used bookcase at a yard sale. It had obviously been used in a child’s bedroom, but it was the perfect size for my bathroom at the time. Later, it was a great fit in the small bathroom of my townhouse on the UofM South Campus.

The only problem was that it was ugly, just pitiful looking. It needed updating badly, but I just did not have the time, place or resources to do it with. Fast forward to a week and a half ago. I finally got the resources, the time, and the place so I dug in. I had squirreled away a small can of paint in a beautiful color that I had gotten for free, waiting for the day when I knew I would be able to use it on something. I eagerly dug it out, plopped the bookcase on the carport, grabbed the electric sander and went to town. The end result is not a work of art, but I was happy with it. It matches my bathroom colors and is great for storing the things I use regularly. 
A face only a mother could love…

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