Do They Have Golf Carts in Heaven?

It’s been three years and you would think that I would have gotten rid of the things of Bryan’s that traditionally would have been just junk. Like his wallet. It’s been tucked away this whole time while I’ve moved to two new places. Its last home was in my desk. I had thrown it in a cubby for a day when I felt ready to go through it.

Some items were a no-brainer: Credit cards long canceled, a Costco card that probably had expired, Walgreens reward cards. I had gotten Bryan the wallet one year for Christmas in an attempt to get him to pare down his other wallet which was bulging at the seams. I stopped at his driver’s license.

This particular driver’s license held heavy memories. The issue date was 8/31/2018. The reason for that particular date was because his license had been pulled for health reasons. Back in January 2018, we were resigned to the fact that his kidneys were failing due to the many years of anti-rejection meds. He was due to get the permanent catheter installed in his abdominal cavity for the start of peritoneal kidney dialysis. The diabetes he had developed as a result of the cystic fibrosis had, up until this point, been manageable. Once his kidneys started failing, though, all bets were off. He wasn’t able to balance his blood sugar and it dropped to single digits one day on the way back to work. He crashed on Austin Peay in Raleigh and that was the end of his car. It upped the timeline for the transfer set to be installed in his belly and we began the long road of kidney dialysis.

He got a replacement car and continued to drive until the state found out about what caused the crash and promptly suspended his license. That was the end of his car insurance which spelled the end of his 14-year run of moonlighting at Domino’s. That broke his heart. After six months, he was able to get his license back and he was able to start delivering again: 8/31/2018. He would have five more months of driving under his belt before he no longer needed a license for anything.

I’m assuming driving isn’t regulated in heaven which conjures up images of celestial beings, drunk on Eucharistic wine (and Bryan would be right there with them which reminds me of another story for another day), driving golf carts off the golden blessed path of gloriously endless 18-hole golf courses into the pond.

Yeah, I think I’ll keep the driver’s license. It’s a sweet reminder of him recklessly driving that golf cart up in heaven.

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