Making Room for Dialysis

One of my little projects has been to move the lovely, but HUGE table out of our dining area. This lovely dining table belonged to his grandparents and is part of a set of antique dining furniture. The whole set is beautiful, but that darned dining table is ENORMOUS. It doesn’t fit very well in a condo. We replaced it with a smaller, round one Bryan got from a Domino’s friend. I put it together last weekend and we now have room to eat. Yay!

Not to mention, it makes navigating the mountain of dialysis solution boxes an easier task. We go through a box of dialysis solution each night so I’m able to conquer the mountain of liquor store-sized boxes all the way up to our next monthly delivery. IMG_6876Rinse. Repeat.

I’m taking volunteers to help me move the big-a$$ dining table upstairs into our make-shift storage room. *big innocent grin*

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