Real Estate Marketing Taglines To NOT Use

One of the things real estate agents do is create a tagline. You want one that’s catchy, but not cheesy, right? So for kicks and giggles, I found this random slogan generator and put my name in to see what comes up. I don’t know who created this thing, but it came up with hilarious taglines (and no, I’m not using any of these). 😂

Slogan Generator

Rhea is easy and it’s fun, too!
Rhea! Lighten Up!
Everything looks better with Rhea.
Rhea comes with a smile.
Rhea, Helps you Relax.
Rhea – Connecting People.
The Human friendly Rhea.
Have a break, Have a Rhea.
Rhea is natural.
Rhea, Imagine that.
Rhea because Life has a purpose.
Rhea is organic.
The joy of Rhea.
The best Rhea on this planet.
rhea is an investment in good appearance.
Feel the power of rhea.
Did Somebody Say rhea?
Lets build the future together with rhea.
rhea, The Perfect Experience.
rhea for Inner Cleanliness.
If it’s rhea’s it’s got to be good.
rhea is fun.
rhea is easy.

seriously GIF

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