1st World Starbucks Probs

Starbucks has started a new line of coffee: varieties of blonde something-or-others. I tried one the other day and they’re pretty good. What I DIDN’T like was how they took the entire menu down in favor of promoting these awesome blonde coffees. Now, I admit it – some days I strongly represent the stereotypical Starbucks drinker, complete with jazzy scarf and brown boots.


I don’t go often enough to have the darn menu memorized, though. Y’all have a lot of choices, Starbucks! Some days I want a mocha latte; other days I may want something entirely different. I never know. I don’t go often enough to be a regular. You know, the one who requests coffee like a haiku:

I want a mocha.

Grande, no whip, foam, soy, please.

Three espresso shots.


Bring my full menu back quickly, Starbucks.

A Gen X girl living in a Millennial world.

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