Memphis 2018 Temperature Crochet Blanket

**UPDATE: 1/3/19** I’ve updated all the dates, temps, and colors! I just have yet to complete the blanket, but as soon as I do, I’ll post the picture at the very bottom. In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has visited this post! Let me know if you have any questions and if you try this in your hometown, I would love to see your completed temperature blankets in the comments below! ☺️

About this time every year I see posts about a temperature blanket and I keep telling myself I’m going to do it. I found a card online that showed how to crochet one using Caron Simply Soft yarn. I love this yarn because it’s soft and it’s cheap. Michael’s always has it in stock and I always have a coupon I can use for it. Here’s the chart I found:

Caron Simply Soft Temperature Blanket Chart

I’m going to use a granny stitch for the blanket and here’s a link to a video that shows how to do that:

Granny Stitch Row Tutorial

The blanket should have 365 stitches by the end of the year and I’ll keep up with the temperature here which means I’ll be editing this post pretty regularly. Hopefully, by this time next year, I’ll be able to post the finished product. I guess this will be another New Year’s Resolution! 🙂

January 2018 Temperatures

January colors: blue mint, cobalt blue, cool green, iris, lavender blue, orchid, robin’s egg, royal blue, white

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
Jan. 1st 23 white Jan. 17th 22 white
Jan. 2nd 27 white Jan. 18th 36 lavender blue
Jan. 3rd 36 lavender blue Jan. 19th 45 iris
Jan. 4th 30 white Jan. 20th 61 robin’s egg
Jan. 5th 42 iris Jan. 21st 68 cool green
Jan. 6th 39 lavender blue Jan. 22nd 64 robin’s egg
Jan. 7th 48 royal blue Jan. 23rd 47 royal blue
Jan. 8th 47 royal blue Jan. 24th 54 cobalt blue
Jan. 9th 50 royal blue Jan. 25th 61 robin’s egg
Jan. 10th 62 robin’s egg Jan. 26th 63 robin’s egg
Jan. 11th 66 cool green Jan. 27th 56 blue mint
Jan. 12th 42 iris Jan. 28th 60 blue mint
Jan. 13th 30 white Jan. 29th 46 royal blue
Jan. 14th 31 orchid Jan. 30th 45 iris
Jan. 15th 44 iris Jan. 31st 61 robin’s egg
Jan. 16th 26 white

February 2018 Temperatures

February colors: blue mint, cobalt blue, cool green, green, iris, lavender blue, neon green, royal blue

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
Feb 1st 56 blue mint Feb 15th 74 green
Feb 2nd 38 lavender blue Feb 16th 70 cool green
Feb 3rd 54 cobalt blue Feb 17th 49 royal blue
Feb 4th 55 cobalt blue Feb 18th 60 blue mint
Feb 5th 46 royal blue Feb 19th 77 neon green
Feb 6th 45 iris Feb 20th 77 neon green
Feb 7th 37 lavender blue Feb 21st 72 green
Feb 8th 51 cobalt blue Feb 22nd 57 blue mint
Feb 9th 66 cool green Feb 23rd 71 green
Feb 10th 57 blue mint Feb 24th 75 green
Feb 11th 41 iris Feb 25th 56 blue mint
Feb 12th 43 iris Feb 26th 67 cool green
Feb 13th 52 cobalt blue Feb 27th 70 cool green
Feb 14th 68 cool green Feb 28th 69 cool green

March 2018 Temperatures

March colors: cool green, blue mint, robin’s egg, royal blue, cobalt blue, neon green, green

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
Mar 1st 66 cool green Mar 17th 76 neon green
Mar 2nd 60 blue mint Mar 18th 63 robin’s egg
Mar 3rd 64 robin’s egg Mar 19th 72 green
Mar 4th 68 cool green Mar 20th 56 blue mint
Mar 5th 67 cool green Mar 21st 56 blue mint
Mar 6th 62 robin’s egg Mar 22nd 65 robin’s egg
Mar 7th 47 royal blue Mar 23rd 72 green
Mar 8th 49 royal blue Mar 24th 71 green
Mar 9th 66 cool green Mar 25th 58 blue mint
Mar 10th 68 cool green Mar 26th 66 cool green
Mar 11th 59 blue mint Mar 27th 78 neon green
Mar 12th 52 cobalt blue Mar 28th 67 cool green
Mar 13th 55 cobalt blue Mar 29th 71 green
Mar 14th 55 cobalt blue Mar 30th 62 robin’s egg
Mar 15th 68 cool green Mar 31st 71 green
Mar 16th 61 robin’s egg

April 2018 Temperatures

April colors: green, cool green, neon green, cobalt blue, robin’s egg, blue mint, royal blue

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
Apr 1st 71 green Apr 16th 55 cobalt blue
Apr 2nd 69 cool green Apr 17th 77 neon green
Apr 3rd 78 neon green Apr 18th 79 neon green
Apr 4th 53 cobalt blue Apr 19th 57 blue mint
Apr 5th 62 robin’s egg Apr 20th 71 green
Apr 6th 56 blue mint Apr 21st 75 green
Apr 7th 47 royal blue Apr 22nd 69 cool green
Apr 8th 52 cobalt blue Apr 23rd 61 robin’s egg
Apr 9th 63 robin’s egg Apr 24th 68 cool green
Apr 10th 60 blue mint Apr 25th 75 green
Apr 11th 72 green Apr 26th 64 robin’s egg
Apr 12th 80 neon green Apr 27th 74 green
Apr 13th 79 neon green Apr 28th 75 green
Apr 14th 72 green Apr 29th 71 green
Apr 15th 47 royal blue Apr 30th 78 neon green

May 2018 Temperatures

May colors: super duper yellow, neon green, mango, neon orange

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
May 1st 82 super duper yellow May 17th 85 super duper yellow
May 2nd 85 super duper yellow May 18th 85 super duper yellow
May 3rd 82 super duper yellow May 19th 89 mango
May 4th 77 neon green May 20th 92 neon orange
May 5th 77 neon green May 21st 81 neon green
May 6th 86 mango May 22nd 88 mango
May 7th 86 mango May 23rd 90 mango
May 8th 87 mango May 24th 87 mango
May 9th 89 mango May 25th 87 mango
May 10th 90 mango May 26th 87 mango
May 11th 89 mango May 27th 89 mango
May 12th 88 mango May 28th 89 mango
May 13th 92 neon orange May 29th 83 super duper yellow
May 14th 93 neon orange May 30th 92 neon orange
May 15th 93 neon orange May 31st 90 mango
May 16th 88 mango

June 2018 Temperatures

June colors: mango, neon orange, neon coral

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
June 1st 88 mango June 16th 96 neon coral
June 2nd 94 neon orange June 17th 94 neon orange
June 3rd 86 mango June 18th 94 neon orange
June 4th 88 mango June 19th 88 mango
June 5th 89 mango June 20th 88 mango
June 6th 93 neon orange June 21st 89 mango
June 7th 93 neon orange June 22nd 89 mango
June 8th 95 neon orange June 23rd 91 neon orange
June 9th 95 neon orange June 24th 90 mango
June 10th 94 neon orange June 25th 91 neon orange
June 11th 91 neon orange June 26th 93 neon orange
June 12th 91 neon orange June 27th 94 neon orange
June 13th 89 mango June 28th 95 neon orange
June 14th 94 neon orange June 29th 86 mango
June 15th 96 neon coral June 30th 95 neon orange

July 2018 Temperatures

July colors: neon orange, neon coral, mango, super duper yellow

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
July 1st 95 neon orange July 17th 94 neon orange
July 2nd 93 neon orange July 18th 90 mango
July 3rd 92 neon orange July 19th 92 neon orange
July 4th 96 neon coral July 20th 93 neon orange
July 5th 97 neon coral July 21st 91 neon orange
July 6th 96 neon coral July 22nd 87 mango
July 7th 89 mango July 23rd 85 super duper yellow
July 8th 91 neon orange July 24th 89 mango
July 9th 90 mango July 25th 92 neon orange
July 10th 94 neon orange July 26th 92 neon orange
July 11th 97 neon coral July 27th 89 mango
July 12th 95 neon orange July 28th 93 neon orange
July 13th 97 neon coral July 29th 92 neon orange
July 14th 96 neon coral July 30th 82 super duper yellow
July 15th 96 neon coral July 31st 83 super duper yellow
July 16th 93 neon orange

August 2018 Temperatures

August colors: super duper yellow, mango, neon orange

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
Aug 1st 85 super duper yellow Aug 17th 89 mango
Aug 2nd 89 mango Aug 18th 90 mango
Aug 3rd 92 neon orange Aug 19th 89 mango
Aug 4th 92 neon orange Aug 20th 85 super duper yellow
Aug 5th 90 mango Aug 21st 85 super duper yellow
Aug 6th 93 neon orange Aug 22nd 86 mango
Aug 7th 93 neon orange Aug 23rd 85 super duper yellow
Aug 8th 88 mango Aug 24th 89 mango
Aug 9th 84 super duper yellow Aug 25th 91 neon orange
Aug 10th 91 neon orange Aug 26th 94 neon orange
Aug 11th 95 neon orange Aug 27th 94 neon orange
Aug 12th 94 neon orange Aug 28th 93 neon orange
Aug 13th 91 neon orange Aug 29th 93 neon orange
Aug 14th 90 mango Aug 30th 91 neon orange
Aug 15th 94 neon orange Aug 31st 88 mango
Aug 16th 95 neon orange

September 2018 Temperatures

September colors: neon orange, mango, neon green, super duper yellow, cool green, green

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
Sept 1st 91 neon orange Sept 16th 93 neon orange
Sept 2nd 93 neon orange Sept 17th 92 neon orange
Sept 3rd 92 neon orange Sept 18th 93 neon orange
Sept 4th 93 neon orange Sept 19th 95 neon orange
Sept 5th 90 mango Sept 20th 95 neon orange
Sept 6th 86 mango Sept 21st 93 neon orange
Sept 7th 86 mango Sept 22nd 74 green
Sept 8th 89 mango Sept 23rd 78 neon green
Sept 9th 74 green Sept 24th 82 super duper yellow
Sept 10th 72 green Sept 25th 87 mango
Sept 11th 76 neon green Sept 26th 77 neon green
Sept 12th 81 super duper yellow Sept 27th 68 cool green
Sept 13th 92 neon orange Sept 28th 72 green
Sept 14th 93 neon orange Sept 29th 81 super duper yellow
Sept 15th 92 neon orange Sept 30th 86 mango

October 2018 Temperatures

October colors: super duper yellow, mango, neon orange, neon green, cool green, robin’s egg, green, royal blue, blue mint

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
Oct 1st 85 super duper yellow Oct 17th 71 green
Oct 2nd 90 mango Oct 18th 67 cool green
Oct 3rd 89 mango Oct 19th 71 green
Oct 4th 92 neon orange Oct 20th 69 cool green
Oct 5th 90 mango Oct 21st 60 blue mint
Oct 6th 88 mango Oct 22nd 67 cool green
Oct 7th 90 mango Oct 23rd 70 cool green
Oct 8th 89 mango Oct 24th 67 cool green
Oct 9th 87 mango Oct 25th 58 blue mint
Oct 10th 80 neon green Oct 26th 56 blue mint
Oct 11th 68 cool green Oct 27th 68 cool green
Oct 12th 67 cool green Oct 28th 79 neon green
Oct 13th 63 robin’s egg Oct 29th 71 green
Oct 14th 73 green Oct 30th 79 neon green
Oct 15th 68 cool green Oct 31st 77 neon green
Oct 16th 50 royal blue

November 2018 Temperatures

November colors: cool green, blue mint, green, royal blue, iris, cobalt blue, lavender blue, white, robin’s egg

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
Nov 1st 69 cool green Nov 16th 60 blue mint
Nov 2nd 58 blue mint Nov 17th 67 cool green
Nov 3rd 68 cool green Nov 18th 65 robin’s egg
Nov 4th 60 blue mint Nov 19th 54 cobalt blue
Nov 5th 70 cool green Nov 20th 50 royal blue
Nov 6th 71 green Nov 21st 57 blue mint
Nov 7th 60 blue mint Nov 22nd 62 robin’s egg
Nov 8th 60 blue mint Nov 23rd 56 blue mint
Nov 9th 50 royal blue Nov 24th 65 robin’s egg
Nov 10th 43 iris Nov 25th 65 robin’s egg
Nov 11th 52 cobalt blue Nov 26th 41 iris
Nov 12th 49 royal blue Nov 27th 40 lavender blue
Nov 13th 38 lavender blue Nov 28th 53 cobalt blue
Nov 14th 30 white Nov 29th 68 cool green
Nov 15th 44 iris Nov 30th 68 cool green

December 2018 Temperatures

December colors: green, robin’s egg, royal blue, iris, lavender blue, orchid, cobalt blue, blue mint, cool green

Day Temp (℉) Color Day Temp (℉) Color
Dec 1st 73 green Dec 17th 61 robin’s egg
Dec 2nd 62 robin’s egg Dec 18th 61 robin’s egg
Dec 3rd 48 royal blue Dec 19th 57 blue mint
Dec 4th 43 iris Dec 20th 51 cobalt blue
Dec 5th 47 royal blue Dec 21st 44 iris
Dec 6th 47 royal blue Dec 22nd 58 blue mint
Dec 7th 42 iris Dec 23rd 53 cobalt blue
Dec 8th 39 lavender blue Dec 24th 53 cobalt blue
Dec 9th 35 orchid Dec 25th 59 blue mint
Dec 10th 41 iris Dec 26th 62 robin’s egg
Dec 11th 51 cobalt blue Dec 27th 61 robin’s egg
Dec 12th 53 cobalt blue Dec 28th 57 blue mint
Dec 13th 61 robin’s egg Dec 29th 46 royal blue
Dec 14th 56 blue mint Dec 30th 53 cobalt blue
Dec 15th 50 royal blue Dec 31st 70 cool green
Dec 16th 59 blue mint

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  1. Hi, Carol! I actually haven’t yet. Michael’s Arts & Crafts sells Caron Simply Soft, but if it winds up being discontinued (as I’ve run into before), I’ll either look in Walmart (they usually have a ton of discontinued yarn because for whatever reason, people don’t think of Walmart as having yarn) or I’ll just use whatever Caron Simply Soft replaces it with. If it’s not discontinued and Michael’s or Walmart doesn’t have it, I figured I would check here: Does that help?


    1. Thanks so much for your speedy reply. I returned to the Yarnspiration site and saw their Simply Soft Brites category and there I found the Super Duper Yellow.


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