Why Am I THIS Tired??

I’m currently four weeks post-op from having an abdominal hysterectomy. Yesterday, I was feeling pretty good. We had been on a little weekend vacation and although I was pushed around in a wheelchair most of the time, my energy level stayed up and aside from occasional twinges, I felt pretty good. So good that I thought I could get out yesterday and do things that other normal, non-post-op people do. 


I went to Taco Bell, I went to the genealogy library, I went to Starbucks to spend my awesome gift card (just to let you know, one of the best teacher gifts in the ENTIRE WORLD is Starbucks gift cards), 

Downing Coffee


and had Bryan help me clean my fish tank. By the end of the night, my body was telling me, no girl, you AIN’T back to normal. You are STILL RECOVERING. I had a bit of bleeding and this morning, I feel like I have just run a 10k marathon. 

So my day today is going to consist of catching up on some reading and Netflix. Lots of Netflix. Because you’re supposed to listen to your body, right??

Mindlessly Watching TV


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