Fall Break

When I was at U of Memphis, we had a fall break. It usually consisted of two school days and a weekend. We always felt a bit robbed by that. Number one, fall break is supposed to be for the whole week and number two, it’s not fair to count the weekends because those are freebie days anyway. Nevermind that growing up, I never had a fall break in school.

Fast forward to this year. I’m currently enjoying a lazy, rainy Friday, the official end to my lovely long week of fall break. Now I know why we have fall break. The teachers need it as much as the students need it. Having a fall break has allowed me to slow down, regroup, and recharge. I was able to do a bit of cooking:

And I was able to do a bit of planning:
I also was able to do some crocheting. I got one little special project done and I’m trying to finish up a long-overdue project. I didn’t realize how little crocheting I’ve done since school has started. I still haven’t been able to do as much reading as I wanted to, but that’s okay because I was also able to just be. That’s been the most important part of my fall break.

I still have two more days (Saturday and Sunday) until the craziness of the second nine weeks begins, but you know those don’t really count. Those are freebie days.

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