New Year’s Resolutions

Every year I make a list of New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes I keep them, sometimes I don’t. I still enjoy making them, though. There’s something about the new year that screams fresh new start and this year I’m all about making a fresh new start. I’ve found myself entering the new year single, equipped with a master’s degree, and employed. All three are pretty big changes so it’ll be interesting to see how 2016 plays out for me.

So! Here are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2016:

1. Keep up with my resolutions. I always manage to lose my resolutions and then can’t remember what they are which probably means I didn’t keep them.

2. Lose weight! I think this is always on my list. These days I’m more about being healthy than losing weight, but at the moment, they’re one and the same. I need to get about 20 pounds off of me.

3. Fun read more! You would think I read all the time, but in reality, I just don’t have the time which brings me to…

4. Manage my time better. I’m now working full-time so my days are full which leaves little time to waste when I leave work for the day. My goal is to figure out ways to use my time wisely.

5. Relax. I joke that my Dad is wound up tighter than a 50-cent watch when in reality, we both are. I tend to get wound up about things instead of  just letting things be. I have a childhood friend who can successfully do that. His personality is so laid back and every time I talk with him, I feel the tenseness just leave my body. He has a wonderful outlook on life and never seems to stress. I can chat with him for five minutes and I instantly feel better about things. He just goes with the flow and has a good time. THAT is my goal.

So there they are. Out in public and on the Internet so I should have an easier time keeping New Year’s Resolution #1. Happy New Year’s, everybody!

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