How the Days Fly!

First week of grad school semester #2 and I already feel behind. Where did the time go??? Where did my Christmas break go??? I had great plans of getting ahead of my reading, but my books didn’t come in time to do that. *sigh*

At the moment, I’m taking a few minutes to de-stress (with a brownie and milk), listening to Piano Adagios on Pandora. I’ve gotten addicted to that little app. I can turn it on at work or at home, plug in my ear buds and I’ve shut everything out except for my classical music, my classic rock, my top 40 music, or my 80s tunes, depending on what I’m doing at the time.

This semester we have our reading logs, just like last semester. This time, though, we’re doing case studies. Three in all, to be exact. Real folks – real situations. We’re putting the skills we learned last semester to work. I don’t know how other grad school programs are, but I have really been impressed with the M.A./Ed.S. school psychology program at the University of Memphis. We hit the ground running on day one, learning the skills we will need to become effective school psychologists. I feel like I have worked my tush off and it’s not over yet, but after this semester I’ll be over the hump I think.

Part of my reading for tonight!

So I’ll be busy reading about assessments, ADHD, and getting very, very VERY familiar with the DSM-5. In between that, though, I’m still going to make some time to relax. 2 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days!

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