Ethiopian Food Adventures

I love to try new places to eat and I had heard from a few people about Ethiopian food. One co-worker said if we liked Indian food, we’d love Ethiopian food. Another co-worker said the restaurant she went to was really good and the service was great. This past weekend we decided to try it out and went to an Ethiopian restaurant out in the Cordova area called Ethopian Restaurant. The lady in charge has been in business about fifteen months and came out to talk with us towards the end to describe what we were eating and to just chat for a minute. She was so nice and has gotten a lot of support for her restaurant this past year. The food was heavenly! It’s eaten similar to Indian-style, more with the bread than with utensils. The bread was called injera, it’s made from teff flour and was so unusual because it was spongy so it was a very different texture than what we were used to. We started out with an appetizer, beef sambusa which was a fried dumpling kind of food and came with a chili-sauce style dip. My eating buddy had doro tibs which was chicken with onions, green pepper, and other spices and I had the yebeg wot which was lamb with Ethiopian spices. It came with a crumbled up kind of cheese, spiced cabbage, chickpeas, and lentils. We had a ton of food, but we did manage to put a dent in it. We still wound up with quite a few leftovers so we’ll probably split a plate next time. We loved it, though. The food was flavorful spicy, but not very hot spicy (although they CAN accommodate anyone who wants a bit more heat). It’s over by the Malco theater in Cordova and they also have a lunch buffet. We were impressed. And we’ll definitely be going back!

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