Out with Summer and in with Fall

In the small gap of time it took me to relax a bit, I realized fall has arrived. The trees are slowly changing colors, I’m seeing pumpkins and mums on people’s front porches, and yes, I even decorated my office desk with Halloween paraphernalia. My days are still busy. I’m up at 5am and I’m on the go until well after dark, but they’re productive days and I’m starting to get into the swing of being a grad student. Even so, summer went by way too quickly. Although it’s temporary, I have enjoyed being out in the country again – seeing deer and turkey wander through the yard, hanging my clothes out on the line, riding four-wheelers with kiddo, and we’re gearing up for the nights of weenie and marshmallow roasts.

This week I’m doing my checkouts for the WISC-IV and RIAS and doing my second administration of the WJ-III. Now, I’ve got to share a bit with the WJ-III. The WJ stands for Woodcock-Johnson. Yes, you read that right. Wipe the Coke off your computer monitor. The really pitiful thing is Mr. Woodcock’s first name was Richard. *sigh* I did a search on Woodcock-Johnson on Twitter and got an eyeful. You ought to try it sometime. You’ll never be able to say the name of that test battery again without snickering. 
I turned in one lit review paper and two response papers (we read journal articles and write our responses to them), I’m almost caught up on my reading in general for my classes and I’m looking forward to a little bit of R&R this weekend. We’re technically on fall break for the next few days although I really won’t be. It’ll still be kind of nice to slow down a bit before gearing back up for the second half of the semester. 

The joys of smelling laundry that’s been air-dried

Our little deer family
Our little bird family

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