Crochet Twin-Sized Blanket in School Colors

On this rainy Friday morning, I’m curled up in my chair with my yarn, working on another project that I’ll be posting here soon. It’s been a bit busy this week as every week seems to be these days, but a little re-cap:

1) Finals. This was finals week for me. I had a final in my history class, math class, and a take-home final in my Contemporary Lit class. I feel like I did well in all three and I’ve gotten grades back on two of my classes so far: B and B+. My last day of finals was Tuesday so I’ve been like a fish out of water without having anything to study. 
2) Graduation. This is the big week! I picked up my cap and gown on Thursday. We all met in the University Ballroom. First stop was to pick up my announcer card. That was the first bit of proof that I’m really graduating! The second stop was to the pronouncer who had to make notes on my card so he would pronounce my name correctly. My final stop: cap and gown pick-up line. Oh, the joy! I’m looking at it right now as I type this, still a bit shocked that graduation is finally here. 
So that has been my week. In the middle of all that, I finished up on another crochet project. This one was a twin-sized blanket in Visible Music College (here in Memphis) colors I did for a friend of mine’s son. It was done in a 5-dc shell stitch in black, lime and white Caron Simply Soft (because that’s my absolute favorite yarn for afghan projects), based on a picture of an afghan she sent to me that her grandmother had made for her years ago. I did the fringe based on that same afghan so here are the pictures!

Oh! I can make these custom with your school colors so visit my shop and order yours! College Dorm Room Shell Stitch Crochet Blanket

First, it’s time to pick out the yarn!

Here’s a close of of what the stitch looks like.
Moving right along!
I added the fringe between the fan stitches.


Finished product!

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