Turning 40

Somewhere in the insanity of my final semester at the University of Memphis I turned 40. I originally had big plans for turning 40. One friend even suggested we all take a trip to Vegas. Well, what goes on in Vegas will have to go on without me as we didn’t quite make it out there. I have school and work and the rest of the little group who had planned on going has school as well. We know how to live large, I tell ya.

Despite thwarted Vegas plans, I did enjoy my birthday. I was surprised with dinner at a fancy-schmancy restaurant, wonderful gifts, and basically spoiled rotten. Mom and Dad took me out for lunch and gave me a birthday present. So I turned 40 a little quietly, but surrounded by those I love.

Being 40 for me means being the mother of a teenager, a soon-to-be college graduate, living the life of a college student, and enjoying every minute of it. Do I have regrets? Not really. I used to think that I should have gone to college sooner, but I think I’ve done better in college now than I would have done years ago. I’m happy where I am. I don’t know where I will be living in a few months, whether I will be in grad school or concentrating on getting back into the workforce again, but I plan to enjoy life regardless where I wind up.

For now, I’m busy studying for class, crocheting for folks, working my little job on campus, and spending time with my son and my family.Oh, and counting down the days until graduation.

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