My Aquarium

It’s quiet in the apartment tonight. Kiddo has gone to visit folks for a couple of days and I’m snuggled up on the couch, crocheting and enjoying the quiet sounds of the aquarium. The cicadas are in full force outside and I can honestly say that I’ll be glad when they’re gone. That particular noise is one I can do without.
I broke down a few weeks ago and decided that I must have a pet, even if it did have scales instead of fur and would rather swim around than play fetch. I’ve had little experience with fish, my last fish pet I killed the first night we brought it home when in my 3-year-old mind, I thought the little goldfish looked hungry and plopped a gumdrop into its bowl. At least he died sugared up and blissfully full. It’s how I would have wanted to go.
My fish don’t behave like the furry pet that I really want, but they do have a trick or two hiding up their scaly sleeves. They beg. Every morning, I come down the stairs, say good morning (yes, I talk to them – don’t judge), and turn their light on. They line up, watching me intently as I grab the can of fish food and sprinkle a couple of pinches over the top of the water. I think it’s safe to say they’re trained to at least know when to expect their food.
They also have their little personalities, too, at least as far as fish personalities go. One of them likes to hide out behind the shipwreck and that same one likes to dig around in the rocks at the bottom of the tank.
I had to make the tank pretty so I bought four plants, a shipwreck, and a wrecked WWII-era plane. They seem to like everything. They nibble on the plants and pick off food that’s fallen in the nooks and crannies of the shipwreck and the plane.
The upkeep hasn’t been too hard either. I may change my mind in a couple of months, but so far, it’s been pretty simple. I’ve got my weekly routine and my monthly routine. I have to keep a notebook of all the stuff I put in the water, when I vacuum, when I change the filter, and when I re-fill it with water. I’m nerdy that way. I’m also forgetful that way. Those poor fish would’ve died in three weeks otherwise.

So I’m happy with my tank. The filter keeps the water flowing and I love the relaxing sound it makes. If I can keep this tank going I may invest in a bigger tank after I get out of these apartments and into someplace a little bigger. 

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