Memorial Day 2015

Here in the Grand Ol’ South, there is a season for everything. I’m of the opinion that food traditions should be treated like clothing. One should never wear white shoes after Labor Day and one should never fix potato salad before Memorial Day.

I’ve had plenty of other traditions for Memorial Day over the years, but these days Memorial Day typically means a relaxing day of grilling yummy food, eating, drinking, and a bit more time to reflect on what Memorial Day actually means.

At this time of the year, my newsfeed is usually packed full of American flags, soldiers (past and present), and the diehards who (bless their hearts) are turning a virtual shade of purple over the folks who pay tribute to the living soldiers as well as the ones who have died in service of our country. Memorial Day, like most other holidays, tends to bring out the best and the worst in people. This is how we roll.

I’ve got the potatoes going and the peach cobbler in the oven. So I took a bit of time out to read about this special day. Check out this Washington Post article I ran across on my newsfeed:

In the business of boating, fishing, jet skiing, grilling out, and consuming mass quantities of alcohol, take some time out to remember those who have died serving our country. We may not always agree on the wars they have fought, but our servicemen don’t pick and choose what battles they will fight. They fight them all. For us. For our country. They deserve our respect and admiration.

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