Chattanooga Trip 2014

Back in March, I was able to escape for a couple of days to Chattanooga. It was my first time to Chattanooga and I don’t get to travel to east Tennessee much so I was looking forward to a change in landscape. I love Memphis, but the flat Delta doesn’t offer much in the way of mountainous terrain.

Our first stop was The Loveless Cafe off the beaten path just south of Nashville. If you’re looking for home-style food, this is the place to go. The place was packed, but the hostess gave us a pager and we were able to walk around. Loveless Cafe isn’t just a restaurant. They have shops! Very touristy shops, but they’re still shops. We bought some Loveless Cafe jam and a local cookbook while we were waiting for a table to free up. 
We got to Chattanooga that night and the next day tackled Tennessee Aquarium. That place is great! It took us the majority of the day to go through because we covered every inch of it. 

We stayed at The Chattanooga Choo Choo and had cool waffles for breakfast:

 Chattanooga is a great weekend getaway place. I will definitely be going back

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