Coveting Mad Crochet Skills

Ok, so I'm jealous. I love to crochet and I ordered an amigurumi Master Chief (Halo) as a birthday present. The girl made it in record time and almost before you could sing Happy Birthday I was holding a unique, detailed and meticulously-made crocheted Master Chief, complete with weapon. This girl has some mad crochet... Continue Reading →

Mile-A-Minute Afghan

Today, I'm re-posting my mile-a-minute afghan because it has gotten so much attention and received so many comments.A while back my friend went through a bit of a nasty divorce and in the process, a few of the crocheted afghans his granny had lovingly made for him were lost. While those afghans could never really... Continue Reading →

Knit the Brooks

To celebrate the opening of the newest exhibition at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, the Memphis Knit Mafia put a call-out to all knitters and crocheters to put together an eclectic stash of crocheted and knitted pieces to yarn-bomb the Brooks Museum. The exhibition is called Angels and Tomboys: Girlhood in 19th-Century American Art and will... Continue Reading →

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