My Dirt Devil Really Is From Hell

So my writing buddy, Jay, suggested I re-tell my story for posterity. Well, actually, he just wanted to be sure my future grandkids had something to laugh at me about – like they’re not already going to have oodles of things to laugh about me anyway.

I’ve been having some problems with my vacuum. It hasn’t been picking up very well and I had gotten to the point where I was going to go back to the old way of using my broom to sweep my carpet. I looked underneath it for wadded up threads, looked in the tubes for a huge dust bunny clogging things up. This had been going on for about three weeks now. Tonight, I was determined to figure out what was ailing my poor vacuum.

Rewind to about three weeks ago. Now, have a little sympathy for me. I’m an old-fashioned bagged vacuum cleaner girl. I still have yet to fully appreciate having a filter-less vacuum. As a result, I’m not always good about emptying the thing out when I need to. It’s messy. It’s dusty. It makes me sneeze. After I get done emptying it, I feel like everything I just vacuumed is now floating in the air again. It’s at that point that I usually remember that I was going to empty it outside again. Crap. Mental note to actually do that next time. This last time I emptied it in the trash like I normally do, sneezing, coughing, and gagging.

Fast forward up to tonight again. I’m digging around in the tube, feeling for that big ol’ dust bunny that I KNOW has got to be in there somewhere. I take the see-through dirt container off, find a little dust bunny clogging it up. Surely THAT little thing wasn’t clogging the whole vacuum up. I empty out what little dirt is in there and re-attach the container. It looks funny. I don’t remember that hole in the middle being that short. Wait a minute. There’s supposed to be a filter there… I start rummaging through the trash. It’s not there. I remember back to three weeks ago. Oops…

So tomorrow I’ll be taking a trip to Target where they hopefully sell the filters for my vacuum. I’ve got the mental note to #1 – not wait so long between vacuuming to empty the filter out. #2 – empty it outside and #3 – make sure I don’t toss the filter out with the dirt. 

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  1. lol, my wife did something similar with a shop vac. She uses it to pick up all the dots of paper from drilling in our print shop. One week she decided to to shake the filter out and wash it. It was one of those sponge re-washable types. Well, following week, you guessed it, forgot to put the filter in. As she vacuumed at the front all the dots shot out the back. Now I could have told her, but what fun would that have been?


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